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How we work

Are you looking for reliable machines for cleaning industrial parts?

We love to accept the challenges of our customers, which is why we distinguish ourselves: our goal is to ensure better, quick and sustainable results. We thoroughly study your needs and design the best performing solutions with extreme attention to environmental protection.

The Geicos method

We assure you of competitive and high-level solutions, which is why we have developed a method that we apply throughout the product manufacturing process, from the choice of materials to the testing activity performed on each machine.

The Geicos Method can be summarized in the acronym LUD (ACP in italian):



The starting point is your specific washing needs. Some typical questions we are asked are:
  • How can I use high pressure without damaging the pieces?
  • How can I wash large quantities of parts in one cleaning cycle?
  • How do I get a perfect wash with an automatic machine?
Together we identify the problems to be solved in order to guarantee you excellent and customized performance.



A questo punto sviluppiamo la soluzione più adatta. Facendo tesoro dei due punti precedenti, essenziali peAt this point we develop the most suitable solution. Taking advantage of the two previous points, essential for a high quality result, we create customized machines through our flexible industrial production: effective sustainable technologies, and high design standards

  • Reliability of the chosen components
  • Highly recyclable raw materials
  • Diversity of range and customization
  • Distinctive Made In Italy design
  • Flexible industrial production
  • Test on every single machine

Thanks to the Geicos Method we face every challenge with the aim of exceeding expectations. For our machines and our customer service we take care of the highest quality, and the results prove it.


customers satisfied


machines sold

5 minutes

as the maximum response time from our customer service

Our idea of cleaning

Our washing standard pays great attention to protecting the environment and operators and the use of innovative and eco-sustainable materials.Find out how we identify and solve your problem. These are the arguments behind our cleaning idea:

Do you want to improve the performance of your industrial washing?
Let’s talk about the solutions we can offer you.