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Your part washer for a new level of industry cleaning

Geicos group’s solutions for repair shop and industries

Do you run a repair shop or an industrial enterprise and do you need a reliable and efficient part washer?

Our challenge is to  Keep equipment, mechanical parts and components in optimal conditions after all processing. There are many variables to have an impeccable performance:




Geicos group responds to these challenges by offering the best range of industrial washing stations suitable for every specific need.

Why turn to us

Our machines reduce washing time, so they allow you to be  more efficient and pollute less

Equipment designed for many types of cleaning products

Innovative processes and automation of some actions save time for the final operator

We look for solutions to your washing problems with particular attention to the health and safety of the user

Punctual and dedicated assistance along all stages: choice of product, installation and use

Fast delivery time

If you are looking for best solution that suits your needs, please contact us